Who are we?

Our Mission

We are anonymous advocates of medicinal cannabis. You Can Whistle has been created due to the countless stories being shared of profits being put before patient care.


The Australian medicinal cannabis industry and the government authorities need to investigate unethical and illegal business practices.


This website is designed to highlight misconduct in the medicinal cannabis space and serves as a public service announcement.


Our goal is to improve access to medicinal cannabis for all and stop bad actors from profiting off desperate patients.


We want those involved in medicinal cannabis to be held to a higher standard.


This is not an official government website and it is not endorsed by the government in any way.


Any information sent on our contact form will be passed on directly to the relevant authorities if requested. We link directly to the relevant authorities websites on the Make a Report page and recommend you use these established complaint services. We do not collect your private data.



We recommend anonymous submissions, however if you submit your name on our contact form we will de-identify your information and delete your data after it has been forwarded (if it is a complaint that you would like us to forward on). Any documents containing personal information that may be sent will be redacted.



We respect your privacy and understand that reporting certain activities may result in reprisals or bullying. For this reason, we ourselves choose to remain anonymous. We will never share your personal information. Please use the Make a Report page to send in issues about misconduct.

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